Flat Tummy!

Well, this seems like the most common problem for all women around the world: Big tummy! Even if you had gorgeous eyes and angel face, but if your tummy is like pregnant’s woman, it’s a disaster!

And yeah, I have that problem too. I don’t know why my tummy is suddenly seemed like having a baby inside. And it really annoys me, I mean, I’m not fat, I’m not balala too (Balala is a term for greedy in Makassar Language), but I have a big tummy! And I do whatever it takes to make it flat! (hmm, yeah, I mean, if it doesn’t need a hard exercise or something lol).

I want to start a healthy life, and I think one of the solutions for this problem is connected with food. So I’m searching for some articles about healthy food that can make my tummy become flat, and I found this one from vemale.com. And I think this tip is very useful because that kind of food is so reachable.

1. Green Vegetables

Green Vegetables contain dietary fibre, vitamin, and mineral which is very useful for our body. Green Vegetables are also lowering calorie intake and remove fat from the tummy. Besides that, Green Vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer.

2. Yogurt (I love this one!)

Yogurt is one of the best probiotic drink to burn calories in our body. Yogurt is rich in protein which is very helpful to prevent us from overeating and store fat in our tummy. Yogurt also helps to take out gas from the belly, prevent bloating, which is makes tummy looks flat.

3. Apple

Hmm, who doesn’t loves Apple? I mean, the fruit, not the other Apple (If you know what i mean 😀 )

Apple is rich in vitamin and antioxidant and also fibrous. Apple prevents us from borborygmi (Borborygmi is a scientific name for hungry-a-lot) when our body is trying to burn calories in the belly. It is better if you eat apple 2-3 times a day.

Soooo, what are you waiting for, ladies?

Let’s try this diet and see the result!

I hope my tummy will looks like this after try them huehehehe.

Source : Pinterest

Source : Pinterest

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