10 Things in 2015

PicsArt_1420704287474 I have 10 Resolutions in 2015. Actually, I’m not a resolution-maker-typical, but my bf told me to write it so I know what I want to achieve this year. Sooo, I made this simple resolution, and I hope in December I can fulfil all of the lists. Here we go!

1. Wake up early. Yeah, this is one of the hardest parts of my life. I have to change it because it’s a bad habit. To have a productive and healthy life, I have to wake up earlier and yeah… So I start a revolution from my bed, just like Oasis said 😉

2. Ibadah dipermantap dan rajin mengaji. Kalau yang satu ini tidak perlu dipertanyakan lagi. It’s a must.

3. Exercise! I’m not a sports junkie. I love watching a sports game, but I don’t like to do exercise. Was, I tried yoga, but it doesn’t work out and ran only one time in Karebosi Court with my friends. Those are all I did last year. I need to make a good habit, a healthy life (later, this sentence will be my tagline in 2015 hahaha), so this should be included on the list. At least, I will do exercise 2 times a week. Spirit!

4. IELTS Course. I always have a plan to enhance my capacity in education, and my dream since I was in Junior High School is to be a Queensland University’s student! Or, at least I can study abroad in Australia. I was failed to get Australia Award Scholarship last year, and I think that’s because I’m not prepared myself very well. So take IELTS Course is a part of prepare myself to make my dream comes true. And at least I have to get 6.5 scores when I take IELTS Test.

5. Get a better job.

6. Harus bisa masak! I love cooking, really. I just never get a chance to improve my skill. When I cook, it feels like when I writing, reading a book, watching a movie, listening to the music or drawing a picture. I really enjoy it! So I have to improve my skill in this one. Besides that, if I want to marry soon, this must be one of the ideal-wife-criteria hahaha.

7. Saving more money! To my bright future, to give alms and charity, and my shopping desire.

8. Less eat sweet (carbo) food. My father got Diabetes almost three years ago. And I realize that I am classified as high risk to get Diabetes. I have to change my eating habits. I should eat less carbs or some sweet food. I make a list of what food I can eat and what food I need to cut down on. I want to start a healthy life.

9. Read at least 10 books in a year. Yeah, I think I am kind of Tsundoku (Tsundoku is a term for someone who likes buying books but never read it). I love books and I love reading a book since I was a kid. And since I have a job and earn money, I begin to buy books that interest me. And since I buy those books, I never finish to read them. So this year I should read them until the end and read more books (buy it or borrow it), especially serious books or educative books to enhance my knowledge.

10. Blog makin rame! Daaaan, resolusi terakhir saya adalah makin rajin nulis di blog biar pengunjungnya makin banyak. Spread love, knowledge and spirit through my blog to the entire human race! Love Ya! ❤

That’s all. I think I can fulfil them. Hope so… Make your own resolution, so you know what you want and need to do in one year, focus on that and measure your achievement. I ever read that rata-rata orang yang berhasil adalah orang yang membuat resolusi. 😉

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