Review Film : Gone Girl (2014)

When i write a review for a film,

I only need to give recommendation, this film is a must-to-watch or no.

I don’t want to be a spoiler by tell a half or a whole story about the film, you should watch it by yourself to find out.

And this one is a must-to-watch film.

Source : Google

Source : Google

This film is totally blow my mind.

I can’t even sleep well after watched this film.

I don’t know why.

Maybe i’m thinking too much about how wonderful love story starts and how terrible it ends. Or how handsome Ben Affleck is (hahaha)

But, Rosamund Pike deserves an Oscar for this film. She is really looks like a real phsyco.

And she succeed blowing my mind.

I’m like a dead meat in the morning after watch this.

You should watch this.

Maybe you need a reference for sweet revenge to your cheating-husband, or maybe you’ll need this to be a lesson about how to keep your marriage. (Or maybe that’s a bad idea)

Just don’t be crazy like Amy Dunne after watch it.

Source : Google

Source : Google

Above is Amy Dunne. Don’t you see her physco’s gaze?

There is only one part of this film that ruins me. This guy.

Source : Google

Source : Google

Neil Patrick Harris!

Everytime he show up in the film, I always want to laugh. I always remember him as Barney in How I Met Your Mother. How can I don’t laugh when I see him?

But overall, this film is creepy and it is worth it to watch 😉


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