Review Film : The Judge (2014)

The Judge Poster

Source : IMDb

This is definitely a must-to-watch film.


Because this film will make you miss your Dad and cry.

This is about relationship between a man and his dad. And about law. Law needs to be uphold. (And this is absolutely not Law In Order’s  movie kind)

My eyes glasses after watch this. In addition, cover song of The Scientist from Coldplay is playing on the background. I’m so sad.

But oh, don’t you think is a full drama film. It’s kinda thriller drama. And the film is not so drama. This kinda real issue between a dad with his son when they grow up. The conflict is strong and stars performance are really awesome.

I love one of the quote in this film.

The law is the only thing capable of making people equal” said Dwight Dickham, the prosecutor in The Judge.

So, you should watch this one.


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