Adopt The Orangutan

Yesterday, I got an email from Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation, that I officially become an adoptive parent from one of the orangutans in their program for a month! And I feel so excited and very happy because this is my first time contribute to something like this. I mean, I always want to contribute to something like saving not the only human race but also the other creatures in the world. Sort of activist activities.

And yes. BOS Foundation has an adoption program, which you can adopt orangutans by giving donation to them. Most of them have a hard time before they came to the conservation in Kalimantan. There are several orangutans that you can adopt, and my choice falls to Sura. He lost his mother and his three fingers, he has beautiful eyelashes (although he is a male) and I feel like “Oh my God, how lovely you are”.

Adopt here doesn’t like to adopt in real meaning. Like, adopt cat or dog. You can’t take the orangutans out because keep orangutans are against law. But you give your donation so the orangutan can have a better life until they can be released to their habitat. There are three packages of donation you can choose based on duration, like a month, six months until a year. As long as your donation package, you will receive an email from BOS Foundation about their progress.

I choose a month package because that is the only package I can afford hehe. But that is okay. Maybe someday I can donate longer than that.

And this is Sura ❤

sura-1He is 4 months. His cut fingers seem caused by sharp things like machetes or knife in a horrible way. On the first month in conservation, he was unstable and sick. But now he is much better. He loves forest fruit and leaflet, and he actives playing with the other orangutans.

I am so proud to be his adoptive parent. And I am so glad that I can contribute to this program.

You will receive this if you contribute to this program.


I believe God creates us to keep our Earth in balance, or I can say, God, create us as Khalifah. So it’s your choice, do you want to be a khalifah, destroyer, or the careless one? (I sound like an activist now hahaha)

If you want to know more about orangutan, or about the program, or even contribute to adopting orangutan, you can visit BOS Foundation website.

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