After 2 months!

Hola! I’m coming back since the last time I wrote 2 months ago!

There are so many things happen through this 2 months. April is super hectic month. I have been busy with the schedule from office and scholarship thing. And May is kinda lovable because there are many red dates ( I mean holiday!) in this month. So I don’t have much time to write a post on my blog (Well no. Actually I’m kinda lazy to write anything hehe)

Oh yeah, lately, I am so crazy about Keds shoes, just because Taylor Swift is the model of it hahaha. I love Taylor Swift. I really want one of Taylor Swift’s edition of Keds shoes, but you know, the price is too expensive in Indonesia, Rp 943.000. Wow! I had searched the real price on Keds official web, and the price is only US$ 50, or approximately Rp.700.000. Well, maybe one of you have a plan to travel to the US, can I ask you a favour to leave you some money and buy me that shoes? wkwk

Source : Keds

Source : Keds

Currently, I read The Maze Runner Series and I must say I’m in love with the story! I love both of the movie and the books! The book series is very fascinating, tense and makes me feel like in love with Thomas. I buy that three books and now become my collection at home. I love fiction story (as always) mix with some action plot and less drama. Well, even in Scorch Trial and Death Cure, Thomas seems like have a romantic thing with Teresa and Brenda, at least it doesn’t too much like in Twilight Saga (what?). And I can’t wait to watch the sequel of The Maze Runner movie in September.

The Death Cure

My own picture

And those The Maze Runner books brought me to one of the characters, Thomas, who is played by Dylan O’Brien in the movie version. I remember I have watched Dylan O’Brien movie, The First Time. This movie is teenager movie, and I like it hahaha. Dylan is so gorgeous in this movie, and that is why I officially become his fan! So, because now I’m a fan, I have to know more about him. I have googled him and tadaaaa, I found that he is in the same age as me (congratulation!) and he was a drummer in a rock band (cool!) and he is in a relationship with Britt Robertson, his co-play in The First Time movie! My heart was broken and glad in the same time. I feel broken because he has a girlfriend but I feel glad because the girlfriend is Britt Robertson! I like her. She is cute and beautiful. And I love to see them being together since the movie out in 2011 until now!

Dylan O'Briend and Britt Robertson

Source: Google

Source : Google

Source: Google

Aren’t they super cute? Or am I lebay? Hahahaha

Whatever. I like what I like and I will share anything I like.

Love Ya!

Bye! See you on next post!

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