Finally, Indonesia has this policy!

Indonesia has just taken a new step related to the environment. Yesterday in National Waste Care Day celebration, Minister of Environment and Forestry declared a new policy about plastics usage as a response to the plastic waste problem which increased steadily every year. The consumer has to pay for the plastic when they go to the market. There are pros and cons about this policy.

Plastic is one of the components that is difficult to unravel and it needs decades. Moreover, the plastic bottle needs one million years to unravel. Imagine if there are many plastic wastes pile up on the ground. On the one hand, we can reduce the usage of plastics by this policy. It will encourage people to use bag beside plastic bag, and furthermore, they won’t use plastic at all. It will bring them into a good habit. Because not all of the plastics are suitable to be recycled, therefore, an eco-friendly habit is highly needed.  On the other hand, this policy only covers plastic used for storing groceries. In fact, there are many vendible using plastics as their packaging. This also became one of the largest contributors of the midden. Additionally, Indonesia has no regulation related to plastic tax. Some people believe that the policy is only stress on the society, but not to the plastic companies.

In my opinion, this policy is a good way to resolve a waste problem. German formerly has the same policy. Instead of using a plastic bag, people in German use tote bag to store their groceries. Some stores in German give free tote bag on your first purchase, and they will charge you if you do not bring your tote bag afterwards. As you can see in Hollywood films, Americans use a paper bag instead of a plastic bag while shopping at the market. Thus, retailers can provide paper bag if we do not want to pay for the plastic bag. We can adopt those ideas in order to create an environmentally-friendly habit. Not only will our environment be saved, but also our money. Ireland has plastic tax and succeeded in reducing the usage of plastics until 90%. The government can adopt this regulation to make a further movement as an effort to finish off plastic wastes if the policy being succeed.

By and large, we need to support Government through this plastic usage policy in order to create a healthy environment. The waste problem is a common problem which not only Government responsible for it but also us as a citizen. Let’s save our environment before it is too late.

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