Review Film : Suicide Squad (2016)

Oh, I’m not gonna kill you… I’m just gonna hurt you really, really bad.


Because of that line, I was curious about this movie. Moreover, the picture of the badass squad seems like really cool.  I mean, this is DC Comics’ squad. I become DC Comics’ fan since Christopher Nolan made the trilogy of Batman. So I have a great expectation about this film. But, I must say, it is not as great as I expected.

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I don’t have that emotion that I feel after watching a good film. This is just….. okay, Harley Quinn is truly badass but that’s all. I still like Joker – Heath Ledger version than Jared Leto, sorry. Maybe because Joker doesn’t have many scenes and doesn’t have an important part of the story. Maybe if he gets more attention, maybe I will love him. Because his appearance is really good, with his green hair and those iron teeth.

Will Smith is just Will Smith. Always become a family man. Katana girl doesn’t have strong character, it makes me think that she is not so important, and so on with that guy who has been caught by Flash. The monster is soooo.. duh. Okay, the witch is kinda scary (with Cara Delevigne’s voice) but I don’t know, that is just not enough for me.

The story is not so strong. Underdeveloped. It is like a train running so fast and I can’t catch it. I mean, the plot is messy. The way of the characters be introduced, the story behind them, the climax and anti-climax. Lame.

The only thing that I love besides Harley Quinn is the soundtracks. They are pretty cool, especially Bohemian Rhapsody.

I hope Justice League can do better. I still count on that.

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