DIY : Oreo Choco and Cookie!

I found three interesting pins on Pinterest, they are about making an easy snack from Oreo and the best thing is it doesn’t need an oven to make it!

No need more chit chat, here are the recipe!


Oreo Balls by Pip & Ebby

6a00d8358081ff69e201b7c71b71c7970b-800wiEASY CHOCOLATE (OREO) TRUFFLES by A Beautiful Mess


Oreo Cookie Butter by Lark & Linen

DIY : Paper Craft

Di luar masih sama mendungnya seperti hari-hari biasa.

Tapi itu tidak mengurungkan semangat saya buat surfing on the internet wkwk 😀

And yeaah, i found some DIY ideas for you yang mau ngasih sesuatu yang romantis ke orang terkasih ❤

Ada Flower Paper Craft, Paper Heart Decoration, dan Heart Love Letters Pop Up

Cara-caranya cukup mudah dan alat-alatnya pun sangat simpel.

So, check this out!


Flower Paper Craft From Trendeser

Paper heart in handPaper Heart Decoration From Sausagejar


Heart Love Letters Pop Up From Mini Eco

DIY : Cute Umbrella For Rain Season!

I really love the pattern, something cute and colourful! ❤

So when I see this post on one of my favourite blogs – which unites that three things above -, I definitely have to share this to all of you.

pink4-copy (1)

Source: Design Love Fest

This DIY is cucok banget buat musim hujan.

Cara buatnya lumayan gampang, asal mau bersabar huehehe

So check this blog for having a cute umbrella on this rainy day Cute Polkadot Umbrella From Design Love Fest

You can try this at home, and tadaaaa…. you have a cute polka dot umbrella!

Source : designlovefest

Source: designlovefest