Presently, I read Judi Picoult’s book, The Storyteller, English version.

There are so many new words for me, and this one is become my favorite. I love the pronunciation and the meaning of the word. Tantalizing! Which is mean stimulates desire or interest. Atau Bahasa Indonesia-nya menggiurkan.




I’m kinda exhausted (but so excited to make a gif LOL).

Last week, i worked 6 days a week, including Saturday and Sunday.

Sometimes i thought that I don’t want to work hard just for money, especially when it takes my holiday.

But you know, money can buy happiness sometimes hehehe

I want to write more, but I gotta go,

My bff from university comes from Lombok today, and me with girls make an appointment to meet up today after work.

I hope my body doesn’t drop. See ya!


HappySo, I am trying to make a GIF with application from my Android, GIF Maker.

Since people created smartphone, editing images or photos become so easy!

I don’t need to be smart using photoshop to make this one, i only need to be smart using my phone and of course, be creative!

And this one inspired from one of my favorite illustrator, Dinda Puspitasari