Suede – Beautiful Ones

One of my favorite songs ever!

Recently I hear this song to pump up my spirit.

I just knew about this song a few months ago. I know that Suede is a British band, but I never heard their song until months ago. And because I am really a BIG FANS of British music, it is so easy for me to love Suede’s music once I heard their song.

The voice of vocalist, Brett Anderson, is a little similar with The Cure vocalist, Robert Smith. And I love his style when he is singing. It’s like a real rock star for me.

The lyric is some kind of description for those youth lives who love to waste their time by drink alcohol, drug abuse, and having sex. And frankly, I don’t understand the meaning of the rest of the lyric hahaha. But I really love the music. It’s so cheerful, I can even have my spirit’s back while hearing this song. I can hear this song for many times a day.

If you never hear this song before, well, I recommend you to hear this one 😉

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